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  • Ooooooooooh


    Ooooooooooh, originally uploaded by rutty. 226/365 Ruby is quite a little character 🙂

  • Bottle!


    Bottle!, originally uploaded by rutty. 22/365 Ruby has been breast fed for her first four months. Whereas this is great for her (and mum) this has presented a little problem. She’s been refusing to take a bottle and this obviously restricts what Jo can do of an evening – if she can’t leave me with […]

  • Obligatory baby photo

    Obligatory baby photo

    Obligatory baby photo, originally uploaded by rutty. 21/365 I hardly took any photos today, so in the absense of anything even remotely arty here’s yet another baby photo.

  • Ruby

    Ruby, originally uploaded by rutty. We’ve been to see my Mum at the weekend and so we got to give Ruby her bath there. She quite likes having a little splash about in the water but is sometimes not so impressed with getting dried off afterwards. She was fine last night, though. Here she is […]

  • 2 Months already?

    2 Months already?, originally uploaded by rutty. Has it been two months since our little girl was born? Crikey, it barely seems a few weeks, but here she is: our Ruby at two months old. She’s thriving too, although a little under the weather today after her ordeal at the vaccination clinic yesterday. She wasn’t […]

  • Look who’s smiling

    Ruby has discovered how to smile!

  • Just had a bath

    Just had a bath, originally uploaded by rutty.

  • I’m a Daddy!

    Last Thursday a rather amazing thing happened to Jo & me: we had a baby girl! She’s called Ruby Elizabeth and she was a hefty 9lbs on the scales when she arrived. She was 9 days late and poor Jo had to put up with quite the protracted labour – contractions started on Sunday and […]

  • Today, Tuesday the 15th September 2009, is our due date. Our little Ruby is officially ready to be born and I’m about to become a father. Holy shite! Is it nine months gone already? I have little moments of realisation of what is to come. My impending fatherhood, sleepless nights and the responsibility for another […]

  • Ruby Elizabeth

    Jo and I spent a little more time down at the Queen’s Medical Centre this morning having a rescan, after Wednesday’s aborted attempt. This time Baby Rutt was much more co-operative and we managed to finish the scan. There was a little bit of jiggling about to get baby in the correct position to see the heart and kidneys but when everything was checked no problems were found.

  • Jo and I visited the Queens Medical Centre this afternoon for our 20 week scan. We’re actually at 22 weeks (over half way there!) and were looking forward to finding out the sex of our developing bundle of joy. Unfortunately, Baby Rutt wasn’t playing ball. He (or she) was too busy sleeping with his (or her) back to us and the sonographer couldn’t see the heart, liver or kidneys. Worse, his/her bits were invisible due to some crossed legs.

  • Ruby

    We visited a good friend of mine last year and his youngest son had just had a little baby girl. She was gorgeous, and had the rather lovely name Ruby. We’d been trying for a baby for a few months at this point and decided on names. Ruby was our choice for a girl too. They’d even chosen the same middle name: Elizabeth.