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  • Just had a bath

    Just had a bath, originally uploaded by rutty.

  • I’m a Daddy!

    Last Thursday a rather amazing thing happened to Jo & me: we had a baby girl! She’s called Ruby Elizabeth and she was a hefty 9lbs on the scales when she arrived. She was 9 days late and poor Jo had to put up with quite the protracted labour – contractions started on Sunday and […]

  • Today, Tuesday the 15th September 2009, is our due date. Our little Ruby is officially ready to be born and I’m about to become a father. Holy shite! Is it nine months gone already? I have little moments of realisation of what is to come. My impending fatherhood, sleepless nights and the responsibility for another […]

  • Ruby Elizabeth

    Jo and I spent a little more time down at the Queen’s Medical Centre this morning having a rescan, after Wednesday’s aborted attempt. This time Baby Rutt was much more co-operative and we managed to finish the scan. There was a little bit of jiggling about to get baby in the correct position to see the heart and kidneys but when everything was checked no problems were found.

  • Jo and I visited the Queens Medical Centre this afternoon for our 20 week scan. We’re actually at 22 weeks (over half way there!) and were looking forward to finding out the sex of our developing bundle of joy. Unfortunately, Baby Rutt wasn’t playing ball. He (or she) was too busy sleeping with his (or her) back to us and the sonographer couldn’t see the heart, liver or kidneys. Worse, his/her bits were invisible due to some crossed legs.

  • How to stop your baby

    After my recent baby-related musings I’ve been almost constantly thinking of ways to use Velcro as a home safety product. You know, there are all sorts of ways to use this wonder product. I think that one of my ideas could be a winner. Once baby starts to crawl there are all sorts of potentially […]

  • Baby-related thoughts

    Our baby is due mid-September and we’ve been looking at prams and carseats for the little tyke. These things cost a bloody fortune¬† and just browsing through the various systems on display in Mamas and Papas offends my Yorkshire sensibilities. However, I’ve had an epiphany. These carseats don’t last ten minutes. Babies grow and before […]

  • 147 beats of joy

    Jo and I had a routine visit to our midwife this afternoon. We’re just about at the sixteen week point in the pregnancy so we’re past the worst of the worry, but still a little concerned that things might go wrong. This is all natural, I’m sure, but neither of us have done this before […]

  • Look what we made

    Look what we made, originally uploaded by rutty. I know this might be hard to believe, but yes: I am polluting the gene pool with an offspring. Jo and I are absolutely bloody chuffed to bits to be having a baby – due in September. Hurrah!