169/365 Contemporary Art

“169/365 Contemporary Art” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA We love going to the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery in town. There’s always something interesting on display there. This was part of one of the main exhibits – a beautifully colourful item using neon lights and mirrors.

151/365 Mask

“151/365 Mask” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Lakeside Gallery at Highfield’s Park frequently have excellent art displays going on in their little display spaces. At the moment they have these fantastic masks. There’s a variety of themes going on, but they are all masks that could be used in theatre productions. My favourites…… Continue reading 151/365 Mask

99/365 Sculpted

99/365 Sculpted by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA My wife Jo has some interesting bits of sculpture dotted around the house, including this fantastic little thing that I think she brought back from Africa. It shows a pair of people in some kind of embrace or dance. It’s lovely.

Bookmarks for February 15th through February 16th

NABBC National Convention – A bright but cold morning recently greeted the delegates for the 2009 National Convention of the National Association of Brass Band conductors (NABBC) at their convention venue in Lincoln. Our band performed at this event. We were delighted to be conducted by the legendary Major Peter Parkes Don’t be bitter as…… Continue reading Bookmarks for February 15th through February 16th

Inspirational Hyperreality

One of my favourite website, Smashing Magazine, has a rather wonderful entry today regarding that most modern aspect of art – Hyperrealism. There are examples a-plenty showing the incredible skills of some exceptionally talented vector artists. Some of those images are just astonishing and make me wish that I had even a small fraction of…… Continue reading Inspirational Hyperreality