44/365 Among the Thrashers of Rock City

44/365 Among the thrashers of Rock City

Tonight I enjoyed a bloody marvellous gig by the magnificent Anthrax. Of all the bands that I worshipped back in the 80s, this is the one band I wanted to see the most – a perfect blend of thrash and fun.

It’s the 30th anniversary of their masterpiece Among the Living, which I bought when it came out in 1987. This, along with Master of Puppets and Reign In Blood, was an album that defined my musical preferences. An album so bloody good that I revisit it time and again. They’ve released some great albums since, but this is still my favourite.

The gig was amazing! Such a great live band, and Joey’s voice sounded as good as ever (although, did I notice some electronic assistance on some of the high screeches?).

Support Raven Age were pretty decent too – a quality melodic metal act that reminded me a bit of earthtone 9.

36/365 I Am The Law

36/365 I Am The Law

I used to read 2000AD back in the day. I loved Judge Dredd in particular, though the comic was packed with great stories and characters. I also listened to Anthrax back in the day, and I was almost incandescent with joy when they wrote a song about Dredd on Among The Living.

I stopped subscribing back in the early 90s, but continued to read it on occasion. Anthrax have remained one of my favourite bands, and I Am The Law is still my favourite track of theirs.

It is now thirty years since the release of Among The Living and Anthrax are playing the album in its entirety at Rock City on the 13th. I have a ticket and I can’t remember being more excited about a gig! This is going to be amazing.