T306 Block 3: Activity 2

Select one of the organizations that you identified in Activity 1. For that organization: (a)   describe your main relationships within the organization; I’m going to choose my band for this as I think this is likely to be the source of my project for T306. Principally, I’m friends with the people at band. They’re not…… Continue reading T306 Block 3: Activity 2

T306 Block 2: Activity 1

What is your position regarding Information Systems? This activity seems to be getting me to declare my perspective on Information Systems before we head into analysis the rest of the block. Well, I work with Information Systems for a living, so I guess I’m an active stakeholder in such things. I test software and this…… Continue reading T306 Block 2: Activity 1

T306 Block 1: Activity 2

This activity is a short one. What do you understand the course title to mean? T306 is called ‘Managing Complexity: a Systems Approach’. There are two halves to this, so it looks like I need to define “managing complexity” and “systems approach”. I’ve not yet read the course notes on this so this will be…… Continue reading T306 Block 1: Activity 2