Orange Monday

Orange Monday, originally uploaded by rutty. 24/365 So, I continue to take photos of any old crap. This is part of a recycling bin in our work’s tea bar. Tomorrow, I may try taking a photo of a drain or waste pipe. Who knows?

Once more with the stripes

Once more with the stripes, originally uploaded by rutty. 20/365 This is the third iteration of this photo. I’ve been trying different post processing techniques and decided to stick with this version. I’ve used the Perfectly Clear app to apply some suto-correction and it’s come up with an extremely vivid photo that looks a little…… Continue reading Once more with the stripes

Not very black

Not very black, originally uploaded by rutty. 19/365 We get free tea, coffee and blackcurrant/orange squash at work, along with some breakout areas to drink them in. Which is nice. This is another photo taken while sitting on my arse, using Camera+ (again) for the post-processing. I used the Helios effect here


Blinds, originally uploaded by rutty. 13/365 I’ve always been a fan of abstract photography and this shot just happened to present itself while I was sat down in my works’ breakout area drinking a cup of coffee. The blinds were half shut and there was just a little bit of light shining through. Each strip…… Continue reading Blinds

8 secs

8 secs, originally uploaded by rutty. 8 Seconds – An eight second exposure. That’s your only requirement. 8 seconds. Not 7. Not 9. Eight. 8 seconds exactly here. I always work in aperture priority so it was good to try out the other options. I set it to Shutter priority (8 seconds obviously) and just…… Continue reading 8 secs