5/1/2018 Shade

5/1/2018 Shade
5/1/2018 Shade by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

One thing is for certain during any year’s photography project: I will take a picture of a lamp. It is often this lamp.

The weather isn’t especially conducive to getting out and about, so I have been hunting around the house for subjects. I need to make myself a lightbox, but in the meantime here is yet another abstract of my bedside lamp.

I do like the shapes.

8/365 Lamp

Whenever I start a photography project I always like to do a few abstract photos. I love these, and am always looking for ways at looking at everyday objects and making them look different.

This is one of those – one of the lights above our dining table.

Also, they are a good option when the weather is rubbish and the light isn’t helpful to do anything else.