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  • Drawer


    (5/366/2020) My hunt for abstracts continues. I generally need better light. My iPhone 8+ has a pretty good camera but it does get a bit grainy when light is low. I’ve noticed this with earlier images in this project: it’s especially obvious when I use macro mode in Camera+ I spotted this while getting my […]

  • Sticks


    (4/366/2020) Found some wooden stick things in a craft shop. I liked the pattern they made in their storage cup. The lady in the shop looked at me as if I was a bit daft. She’s not far wrong

  • Brew


    (3/366/2020) The macro feature of Camera+ is coming in handy at the moment, although it does mess with some of the Exif data. I’m liking finding clean lines and patterns in things at the moment. No doubt my images this year will change focus as we go on, but for now this seems to be […]

  • White Lines

    White Lines

    (2/366/2020)  Day 2 and I’m already finding abstracts hard to come by! I do need more practice.  This sink presented itself later in the day and I loved the way the shadows worked with the bright white porcelain.

  • 2020 already?

    2020 already?

    Back at the beginning of last year I said something or other about writing more in 2019. I was just chock-full of enthusiasm about it too. Maybe. I wrote four posts, including that one. It’s difficult to argue that this was anywhere near the definition of ‘write more’, however I find myself starting another year […]

  • 5/1/2018 Shade

    5/1/2018 Shade

    5/1/2018 Shade by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA One thing is for certain during any year’s photography project: I will take a picture of a lamp. It is often this lamp. The weather isn’t especially conducive to getting out and about, so I have been hunting around the house for subjects. I need to […]

  • 323/365 Disks

    323/365 Disks by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA A slightly rubbish quality photo, but interesting enough, I think. These are those little see-through disks you get with a Bingo set. My wife bought Ruby one from a car boot, so she’s now a little obsessed with playing Bingo. Oh dear.

  • 199/365 Tracks

    “199/365 Tracks” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA My favourite photos are generally the more abstract ones. Lines and shapes are my thing, and I found this set of lines while waiting for a delayed tram at Gregory Street Tram stop. I had plenty of time to ponder the nature of this scene.

  • 163/365 Whirly

    “163/365 Whirly” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA One of those photos taken late in the day after minimal inspiration

  • 137/365 Lights out

    “137/365 Lights out” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA I’m a fan of abstract photography, so here’s an attempt by me. I like the fact that it’s very black. I like black.

  • 8/365 Lamp

    8/365 Lamp

    Whenever I start a photography project I always like to do a few abstract photos. I love these, and am always looking for ways at looking at everyday objects and making them look different. This is one of those – one of the lights above our dining table. Also, they are a good option when […]

  • Up there

    Up there

    Up there, originally uploaded by rutty. Via Flickr: 132/365 This is one of those ceiling photos I insist on doing. This one is in Asda in West Bridgford.