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  • Shine


    (17/366/2020) Dreary day, few photo opportunities so was pleased to take this on the way to Tesco

  • Counterbalance


    (16/366/2020) I’d left my photo of the day a bit late – again – so revisited the clock in our dining area. It’s a really nice clock, and now that I’ve edited this image I’m regretting not giving it a quick dust first.

  • Happy


    (15/366/2020) Even happier: a bottle opener

  • Court


    (13/366/2020) Ruby was playing Netball this evening. I obviously can’t be taking photos of other people’s children, but I was far more interested in the lines and texture of the court in the gym.

  • Hogg


    (12/366/2020) I remember this butcher. It was a shame when they shut, but the painted sign remains.

  • Mastermind


    (11/366/2020) A favourite game from my youth and one that my daughter is really enjoying. She’s beating me quite a bit too!

  • Radiate


    (10/366/2020) This one is looking a bit beige, so perhaps we need to think about redecorating our kitchen. I’m going to start doing some more ‘normal’ images. These abstracts and shapes/patterns are too difficult to do every day for a year. I’ll still do them when I can but I need to expand the type […]

  • Damp lines

    Damp lines

    (8/366/2020) Waiting for the tram home after a NottsTest Meetup in town. It was raining quite a bit but it did make the succession of horizontal lines look a little more interesting

  • Steps


    (7/365/2020) I’m not going to lie: I’m finding abstracts hard to come by. I’m going to have to extend this year’s theme into other things, such as textures and shapes – things that aren’t exactly abstract but might be interesting in themselves. I’ve always liked these stairs, especially the angles and the awful (but hardy) […]

  • Tiles


    (6/366/2020) Look at me taking photos in the toilets. It’s the best light in here – don’t judge me

  • Sticks


    (4/366/2020) Found some wooden stick things in a craft shop. I liked the pattern they made in their storage cup. The lady in the shop looked at me as if I was a bit daft. She’s not far wrong

  • Brew


    (3/366/2020) The macro feature of Camera+ is coming in handy at the moment, although it does mess with some of the Exif data. I’m liking finding clean lines and patterns in things at the moment. No doubt my images this year will change focus as we go on, but for now this seems to be […]