Behind You 13th February Ruby likes to play Hide & Seek, or even just ‘Sneak’. She is, unfortunately for her, not wise to the ‘looking behind you with an iPhone camera’ ruse

Reflection 11th February 2015 The only photo I took on Wednesday was a shot for one of my friend’s at band’s registry card. I could hardly use that for this project, so I edited it in Oggl, using the Salvadore lens which creates these weird reflection effects. I thought it came out quite well in…… Continue reading Reflection

Resurfacing 10th February This scary-looking machine is providing the hot, smelly, black stuff for the road resurfacing near our house. I suspect we are going to be seeing a lot of this thing over the next couple of months.

Lord Trent 9th February 2015 Nottingham University has this prominent bust of Sir Jesse Boot, 1st Baron Trent, outside its gates at Highfield Park. Sir Jesse was one of the University’s most famous benefactors and one of the local area’s more memorable residents. Who hasn’t heard of Boot’s eh?

Flower 8th February Ruby found this flower head on the floor outside. It’s very pretty. It’s also indicative of how mild the winter has been. Flowers in February?

Mop 7th February 2015 Birthday party day for one of Ruby’s friends at Stonebridge Farm in Nottingham. They have some lovely animals, including this very hungry sheep.

Smile 6th February 2015 Our beautiful daughter. I edited this in ‘Perfectly Clear’ on my iPhone, then processed in ‘Oggl’. She looks so grown up!

Open soon? 5th February 2015 The Beeston tramworks continue, and this junction with Middle Street remains closed south of Humber Road. It’s been over 14 months and local residents are beyond fed up. I’m actually looking forward to having a working tram system, but my patience with the repeated delays is getting thin

Scruffy bugger 4th February 2015 Gone are the days when I shaved every day. These days it’s every 3 days. Sometimes 4. Considering how much grey is forming at my advancing age you’d think I’d be keen to get rid of it every morning, wouldn’t you?

Lines 2nd February 2015 Mondays is tennis day for Ruby. This is a photo I’ve edited using Oggl to make it look more interesting. It uses the Salvadore lens, which adds some weird double exposure type effect