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  • Square blocks

    Square blocks

    Square blocks, originally uploaded by rutty. 227/365 Our lounge has turned into more of a play area than somewhere to watch Big Brother on the sofa. It’s not very large and we always try and tidy up after our little girl has gone to bed but we often have toys strewn across the carpet. Jo […]

  • Ooooooooooh


    Ooooooooooh, originally uploaded by rutty. 226/365 Ruby is quite a little character 🙂

  • Dead room

    Dead room

    Dead room, originally uploaded by rutty. 225/365 I’m starting to feel a bit lonely at work now. More and more people are being made redundant and I turned out to be the only person on the late shift in our building. It was me, two security guys and three floors of emptiness. This lab is […]

  • Left Turn Clyde

    Left Turn Clyde

    Left Turn Clyde, originally uploaded by rutty. 224/365 Nothing in the house is safe any more. Our little girl can crawl, stand and generally reach anything over a certain height. She’s not quite figured out how to propel herself around on one of these little ride-along things but it’s only a matter of (very short) […]

  • Basement


    Basement, originally uploaded by rutty. 223/365 We have a basement and it’s pretty dark and dingy. We try not to go down there too often. You know, because of the ghosts…

  • Tap tap tap

    Tap tap tap

    Tap tap tap, originally uploaded by rutty. 222/365 I use my iPhone a lot for my Flickr photos (a bit too much, perhaps) but I’ve never thought of using the volume buttons as a shutter release. As a concept it’d be great if you could do it. Well, now you can if you’re using the […]

  • So. How does this work?

    So. How does this work?

    So. How does this work?, originally uploaded by rutty. 221/365 Ruby’s crawling is improving. She’s still slow but can now get to pretty much anywhere in the lounge. She’s fascinated with all the stuff in our TV cabinet and she keeps heading towards our Sky box, sticky fingers to the fore. Our relaxing in front […]

  • Let me out

    Let me out

    Let me out, originally uploaded by rutty. 220/365 I had to move Ruby’s cot position down to its lowest setting a couple of days ago as she’s starting to climb up things. The last thing we need is her vaulting out of her cot at three in the morning

  • Sleepy


    Sleepy, originally uploaded by rutty. 219/365 Ruby has always been a really good sleeper, although recently she’s taken to waking up a bit early or taking a little longer to drop off than she used to. Still, we’re rarely woken by her and when she does wake up early she just has a little chat […]

  • Breakie


    Breakie, originally uploaded by rutty. 218/365 Fridays are bacon sarnie day. I went a bit overboard today – six items in a cob. Blocking my arteries are bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms, hash browns and some lovely, lovely black pudding. Garnished with both mustard and brown sauce. £2.60. Lovely I’m aware that this is shot is […]

  • Sunflower


    Sunflower, originally uploaded by rutty. 217/365 I bought my wife some flowers today (it happens sometimes!) and they had some nice, small sunflowers for sale. I bought them and some roses because my wife deserves more than £1.99 worth spending on her. I used my little magnetic macro lens again to take this. The iPhone […]

  • Eyes up

    Eyes up

    Eyes up, originally uploaded by rutty. 216/365 My daughter has no end of toys. We’re awash with lots of little, colourful, flashing things that are fun for thirty seconds before something else is required. Many of these things we bought from charity shops or eBay. A friend of our gifted Ruby a nice Little People […]