So. How does this work?

So. How does this work?, originally uploaded by rutty. 221/365 Ruby’s crawling is improving. She’s still slow but can now get to pretty much anywhere in the lounge. She’s fascinated with all the stuff in our TV cabinet and she keeps heading towards our Sky box, sticky fingers to the fore. Our relaxing in front…… Continue reading So. How does this work?

Let me out

Let me out, originally uploaded by rutty. 220/365 I had to move Ruby’s cot position down to its lowest setting a couple of days ago as she’s starting to climb up things. The last thing we need is her vaulting out of her cot at three in the morning


Breakie, originally uploaded by rutty. 218/365 Fridays are bacon sarnie day. I went a bit overboard today – six items in a cob. Blocking my arteries are bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms, hash browns and some lovely, lovely black pudding. Garnished with both mustard and brown sauce. £2.60. Lovely I’m aware that this is shot is…… Continue reading Breakie