T306: Block 4

This block has been a real struggle. It’s not that the subject material was particularly hard, it’s just that my poor old brain has been unable to cope with such a packed few months. I finished M257 – exam done, just awaiting my final mark at the beginning of August – I’ve taken on extra responsibilities at work (I’m now the test automation “expert” – so help me…) and I’ve also been off on a very rainy holiday in Dorset for a week.

I haven’t particularly engaged too deeply with the course materials and haven’t done any of the activities for the block at all. Disappointing. M257 took up far too much of this block’s reading time and my brain’s processing power. I lost all interest in the block and had to painfully construct the resultant assignment from fragments of half-remembered course notes. I, somehow, got 73%. I’m not sure how I did, but I’m glad that I covered enough of the subject material to get a decent mark.

Even better, my superb tutor marked it within 24 hours of me submitting it and provided me with some extremely useful feedback. I now need to plough on with block 5, which is all about reflection and becoming an aware systems practitioner. There’s some material about Chinese Astrology, which I really hope isn’t going suggest that there’s any element of truth in it at all.

Better get a move on with that then…

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