T306 Block 2: result

I’m not entirely sure how I managed it but I achieved a somewhat miraculous 93% for TMA02, an enormous improvement on the 70% I got for TMA01. I would have been happy with another 70% but it looks like I happened to hit on quite a few more of the marking points for this assignment.

I’m surprised (and pleased!) about this because I didn’t feel that I was being particularly systemic with my answers. I used the soft systems method for my analysis, but this provides a systematic approach – complete with stages and flowcharts – and I didn’t really come up with any emergent properties. What I did do was constantly look back at previous stages and state in my answers that I was attempting to look from different perspectives. I applied the method well and at least gave an impression of a systemic approach.

My tutor gave me some great feedback too. I tend to try and look at the whole system/problem rather than try and dig into it a bit, and while the “helicopter view” of a situation is helpful I do need to try alternative systems definitions to extract hidden issues. My root definition was was all-encompassing when I should have tried something a little smaller in scope. However, I am trying to think holistically so I was trying to include everything. Perhaps I need to try moving a few more subsystems into the environment for my definitions.

Still, I’m very, very pleased with this result. I benefited from having some time off work and I spent two solid days working on the TMA. I crammed in the whole block in a short period, didn’t really do any of the activities and still did well. Perhaps it was all still fresh in my mind.

Block 3 looks shorter in length but more difficult in application. Viable System Model (VSM) by the esteemed Stafford Beer. Another systematic approach by the looks of it, but this time derived from cybernetics. There is software that won’t run on my Mac. In fact, it won’t run on most Windows machines without a lot of effort – it was written for Windows 3.1! Thanks for the up-to-date software Mr Open University…

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