T306 Block 1: summary

Well, I’ve submitted TMA01 but I’m really not happy with it. It was too short, rushed and missing quite a bit of useful content. The reasons for this inadequacy are multifarious, but I would have really liked to have had a good crack at it rather than the rushed mess that eventually emerged.

It was also two weeks late and I need to hand in TMA02 on the 11th April. This gives me 2 and a half weeks to get through an enormous amount of work. This isn’t going to happen at all, so I’m going to have to scale back my approach to the next block. I’m going to spend a week or so going through as many activities as I can before taking the more practical approach of working towards finding the relevant material that I need to answer the questions.

This isn’t really what I want to do and will give me a much reduced coverage of the course materials. It’s also a shame because Block 2 is based on an area in which I have a lot of personal interest – Information Systems. Unfortunately, I cannot really extend the next assignment because I also have one to hand in for M257 in May and I’ll need quite a bit of time to get that one ready too.

Too much work and too little time to do it in. I shall do what is necessary and practicable.

Block 1 was also skimmed over quite a bit in the end. There’s some really interesting concepts in there and I’ll have to go back over that (and all the other blocks 2) once the first five assignments are in and I’m working towards my project. I don’t know what my project will be yet but I’ll be choosing something of interest to myself and hopefully nothing too complex. I do need enough complexity to demonstrate I understand the course concepts but I need to avoid something that I can’t possible approach sensibly in the ten weeks I’ll have to do it.

Onwards with Block 2, then.

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