T306 Block 1: Activity 9

How do you read most effectively?

Oh crap. Well, I don’t think that I have an effective way of reading. I tend to just, you know, read stuff then hope I remember enough to get by. On previous courses I’ve read a bit here, a bit there and just got on with it, I didn’t really attempt to create some sort of strategy for absorbing the material. I’ve just made do with how my brain works.

However, I don’t think this will do for my next set of activities. I have a 9,000 word case study to read. I’m going to have to do a good job of absorbing this material, so I think I will just read it straight through – probably in more than one sitting – then read it again, making notes as I go. I’m then going to be drawing up a rich picture. This is expected to take five hours.

I’d better get on with that then.

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