T306 Block 1: Activity 8

How do you understand the focus on your own responses in the activities and in the reading you have done so far?

I’m still a little bewildered by it all if I’m to be honest. I’m keeping an open mind about the approach and taking each activity as I see it. I’m willing to change tack if I need to and I’m just seeing where this is all going for now.

So far there hasn’t been much deviation from the systems thinking concepts that I learned in T214, so I’m intuitively pleased about that. At this moment in time I think that things are going to work out OK. I’m worried about the project, but I’m also relatively confident that I can do it well – as long as I can apply myself properly. I do have doubts about that.

I am certainly stimulated. I love to learn and the early stages of a course are the most exciting. This usually wears off after a while!

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