T306 Block 1: Activity 35

I’m not entirely sure where this one is going but here we go. The right column will be filled in later.

*Update* – after reading further down the course materials here is the right column material too. I’ve used definitions more suited to systems thinking that the generic meanings of the verbs. (updated 14/3/2012)


How I understand these activities now

How my understanding has/has not changed

Become aware of …

To start understanding or be aware of the existence of something Understanding my own perspectives and worldview, so that I can take these into account when experiencing something

Review …

To look back at something and try and see if there are errors are ways of improvement Action learning – experience, thinking, decision action and back to experience again (and so forth). Iterate to find emergent properties

Appreciate …

To be thankful or be understanding of something Maybe related to the first one – knowing where I’ve come from and considering the history or traditions of situations in order to use systems practice to best effect

Distinguish …

To tell apart Understanding the difference between things, maybe between systemic and systematic thinking

Consider ….

To take an idea and think about doing something with it Don’t know about this one
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