T306 Block 1: Activity 34

List the two contrasting ideas from Table 1 (page 66) that you find most challenging to, or supportive of, your current worldview. Explain why.

The table in the question lists “some contrasting features between the traditional Western conception of the disembodied person with that of an embodied person”. I’m not entirely convinced that the course notes have really explained what this means but I’m going to have a stab at a pair of contrasting ideas.

Western conceptionThe world has a unique category structure independent of the minds, bodies or brains of human beings (i.e. an objective world). 

Embodied personOur conceptual system is grounded in, neurally makes use of, and is crucially shaped by our perceptual and motor systems. 

I do think that the world can be objectively understood – through science. It is science that defines how we understand reality, so perhaps this is what the traditional Western idea is stating. However, I also think that the embodied persion idea is also correct, in that as individuals we understand everything that goes on around us by our own perception. Our brains interpret everything that we see, hear and taste and the way we understand these signals is shaped by our prior experiences.

Looking at the list on the rest of the table I am more likely to agree with the “embodied person” side rather than the traditional western. This is probably due to my prior learning on T214

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