T306 Block 1: Activity 17

What was the perceived problem (or opportunity) to which components in this situation seemed to offer a solution?

The problem was seen as absent parents not contributing to the raising of their children, while the parents left with the children struggled financially.

Identify at least two organizations, processes, activities or ideas in the situation that might be perceived as attempted solutions to some issue, problem or opportunity. Preferably, identify several more.

The CSA “formula” attempted to work out how much absent parents could realistically afford to pay to their former partners. Initially, it was rather crap at this.

The CSA workers attempted to facilitate these payments using the systems available to them. Initially, these systems were crap too.

The CSA itself was seen as a way of enforcing payments to lone parents from absent parents.

There were many forms that were required to be filled in by both absent and lone parents.

Identify the issues, problems or opportunities to which these might be said to be attempted solutions.

The forms were a way for the CSA to gather information about lone and absent parents. These figures were fed into the CSA systems and the magic formula spat out some figure that was supposedly fair.

I don’t think I’m responding to this question very well…

For each of these issues, suggest the person, persons, or organization that had the power to bring each of these attempted solutions into being.

The government itself – especially the relevant ministers – were ultimately responsible for the running of the CSA.

I may have answered other parts of this part of the question further up

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