T306 Block 1: Activity 15

Identify traps that may arise from your initial evaluations of the situation, for example, traps set by stakeholdings or identification; the ‘core issue’ trap; the ‘unacknowledged feelings’ trap; the ‘gut-reaction solution’ trap, all discussed above.

T306 hasn’t really properly defined these “traps” as of yet, although I kind of guess what they’re on about. T214 did go into thinking traps quite a bit and I even made some notes on that at the time.

So, did I fall into some traps in the previous activities? Of course I did. I have a particular view and although my views do encompass more than one political viewpoint my initial analysis is always going to be led by my own experiences. I’ve certainly fallen for the “gut-reaction” trap of thinking I know what the problem is, or some of the causes.

I do think that these days I’m fairly self-aware and understand that my own perspectives can get in the way of forming a “true” picture of any situation. T214 gave me that. I’m just not that good at trying to look from alternative perspectives.

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