T306 Block 1: Activity 12

Look at your rich picture.

Check you have not fallen into the trap of an over hasty identification of the problem.

This is the “representing the problem and not the situation thing. I tried really hard not to insert any analysis into the diagram and I think I did this fairly well. I’m fairly sure that my rich picture doesn’t fall into this trap, although I was sailing close to the wind with the “priorities” scales image. This was how I saw the situation, however.

Check you have not fallen into the trap of impoverishment.

Oh, I certainly did fall into this one. I missed quite a few parts of the situation and if I had time I would add those parts in, if not redraw it completely.

Check you have not fallen into the trap of structuring, interpreting or analysing the situation.

I did this too, with the scales image in particular. I interpreted that part of the case study and wondered if government were more concerned with helping the treasury rather than lone parents. The structure of my rich picture is all over the place, though, so I didn’t do too badly with this one.

Check the richness of your picture isn’t swamped by words and the words are not structuring your representation of the situation.

I did OK here too – not too many words at all.

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