T306 Block 1: Activity 11

Review your rich picture.

When you come back after a break, spend about 5 minutes taking a good look at the rich picture. Is it as complete as you thought it was? Are you pleased with it? Are you stuck for ideas about how to improve it? Do new features strike you as you look at it? Do questions arise about it, or the complex situation it represents?

My rich picture is OK, but needs improving. It’s certainly not complete. I’ve missed out on parts of the situation; the bits about the complex forms, I’ve missed out the author in the diagram and I could have represented some of the stakeholders more clearly. I’ve also been a little facetious, but then that’s what I do best.

At this point I should probably remind myself that I may need to refer to these entries in my assignments and that I don’t get any extra marks for “being funny”. Or trying to.

There are lots of good examples in the forums where people have spent a lot of time drawing out some rather impressive rich pictures, and I could do better on this one, but for now I’m just going to leave it as it is because I don’t have enough time to improve on it.

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