T214: Block 2, Multiple Intelligences

The OU course notes have opened up a whole other can of worms about different kinds of intelligence. There has been some research by Gardner that revealed eight different types of intelligence.

These are:

  1. Linguistic intelligence. The ability to use a coherent narrative to communicate and organise thoughts.
  2. Logical–mathematical intelligence. The ability to investigate issues deductively and recognise/work with numerical patterns.
  3. Musical intelligence. The ability to recognise pitches, tones, rhythms and compose these into recognisable patterns.
  4. Kinaesthetic intelligence. The ability to coordinate one’s movements.
  5. Spatial intelligence. The ability to recognise visual patterns and relationships.
  6. Interpersonal intelligence. The ability to empathise with others by recognising their intentions, motivations and desires.
  7. Intrapersonal intelligence. The ability to recognise one’s own intentions, motivations and desires.
  8. Naturalist intelligence. The ability to detect changes in one’s own environment.

This is all news to me. I’m not sure whether to take this at face value (I’m guessing that I probably should given the nature of this course) but this seems to be one of those theories that sounds reasonable but might actually be a load of old cack.

Anyway, I think I do OK with the first three but I do struggle with the rest. My self-awareness is probably my weakest personal trait (Intrapersonal intelligence) as I’m barely aware of what my own brain is discussing half the time. I should probably do a bit more self-reflection.

This course aims to use all eight of these intelligences in order understand the complexity of systems. As Systems Practitioners we need to be able to verbally communicate our ideas in a way understandable to the average person (this will also be a challenge) while using all of our brain (and the eight intelligences within) to dig out the inter-related factors that might affect how a system works.

There’s lots to read in this block. More to come.

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