Stuffed. Good and proper

Wednesday afternoons sees me lugging this old frame around a football pitch for an hour. You’d think that at 38 I’d have had a good bash at playing football but, sadly, I’ve never really played it for any decent length of time.

I’m probably too old to start now but most of the people I’m playing with are about the same age as me. These are all people from work and it’s usually about 7 or 8 a-side.

This is the fourth week of my most recent fitness regime and it’s a lot of fun, although it’s showing up my complete lack of stamina. No doubt that’ll improve over time but I think that I need to be getting back onto the cross-trainer too, along with going for a few runs too.

I was on the bibs team today and we got utterly slaughtered. On paper we didn’t seem to have a too bad team – some decent players (not me!) – and it should have been fairly even, but we got massacred 9-2. My lack of skill and fitness really got shown up and I did an insane amount of running around, getting left behind by some of the younger and fitter players on the other team.

It’s good fun, if a little disappointing today. I need to be more confident in my challenges and learn to pass the ball more accurately. Well, learning to pass the ball to my own team would be good.

Roll on next week!

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