Stuck for the second time

Be nice to me (by rutty)This afternoon I was impaled by a large, sharp needle for the second time. I was due for my second visit to the Blood Donor Centre where I duly sacrificed 470ml of my precious O-positive for the good of my fellow man (or woman).

I’ll reiterate the important bit – this really isn’t much of an imposition on anyone. It’s quick and easy to do and the pain from the needle is only very slight. If I can cope with it then anyone can.

You get free tea, coffee and biscuits and they’ve even started getting Mint and Orange Clubs there too. I love Clubs, though not as much as Breakaways.

I can hardly believe that I waited until my late 30s to start donating. There’s no way that I’ll get the special meal when you get to 100 donations now.

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