Strolling around Gotham

The weather has been outstanding around here recently so it seemed appropriate to enjoy the sunshine while we had it. Jo and I had bought a book last year, called “Pub Strolls In Nottinghamshire“, with the intention of spending more time getting out and about our local countryside. We had a good look at some short walks nearby and decided that Gotham would be a good choice.

Gotham is only a shortish drive from Beeston and we were soon into the rolling hills of South Nottinghamshire. These pretty hills are hardly on the same scale as the Derbyshire Peaks but it’s a lovely place and easily accessible for those of us that live in the city. Gotham has some newer, less-attractive parts but there are some lovely homes here and seemed particularly peaceful considering it was a Saturday and there was glorious weather.

We parked near to the local church and headed off on our walk. The directions in the book are not bad at all, although we missed one of the turn-offs because we weren’t really paying attention. The start took us down a path that travelled along an old mineral railway, not that there was anything left of that to see. It was lovely and leafy down this path but we soon needed to turn off and head up the shadeless path up Gotham Hill.

It was rather warm to be climbing the slope without any shade but the views from the top are quite lovely. The weather was pretty hazy and the harsh light isn’t conducive to good photography but I managed to get some half-decent shots down the hill.

Rape in Gotham

There are some small woods at the top of the hill and the shade was particularly welcome. We headed across the hill and headed back down to the village, admiring the cricketers enjoying their weekend game along the way. There were some horses and cows too, although not much else in the way of wildlife apart from the odd pigeon and crow.

The walk was less than three miles and would be perhaps better on a cooler day. The hill isn’t so bad but a bit of an effort on a hot day and there’s little shelter on the way up there. Here’s another view from the top:

Englishmen in the summer (by rutty)

We decided to enjoy a drink in The Sun Inn when we made it back to the car. The Gaffer’s Gold on tap was very nice indeed. All-in-all, a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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