Strippers at last (kind of)

Ooooh la la

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It’s sad, but I’m back in the UK. Not that it’s bad to be back here but I’ve really enjoyed my time in Toronto. I’ll miss everyone, not least my sister and nieces, but I’m sure that I’ll be back (hopefully with some saucy company!) in the not too distant future.

At least I got to see some pole-dancers before I left, as can be seen by the racy photo on the right over there. OK, so they’re not real but that’s the best I could do – Jilly’s was off limits, and let’s face it I’ve no need for such things at the moment anyway (sorry to disappoint you HJ).

The exotic dancers in question are actually part of the Henry Moore exhibit in the Art Gallery of Ontario. It’s a bit strange but they’re pasted all over the walls in the gallery where Moore’s sculpures are displayed. I’m not sure if this is temporary while the AGO undergoes it’s transformation but it seems a strange juxtaposition.

The AGO is short of displays at the moment but the new building looks like it’s going to be amazing and it’s still worth a visit even now.

Anyway, farewell for now Toronto and I’ll be seeing you again soon.

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