Still here. Just Resting

It would appear that I’ve not posted on here for several weeks. It’s not that I’ve not wanted to, it’s just that real life seems to have been getting in the way of me fart-arsing about on the internet. Anyway, real life is still getting in the way of my fart-arsing capabilities but I’m going to provide an update anyway.

At the moment life is bloody good. I’ve been married for over a whole month now and so far we’re getting on great. I have an enormous electronic pile of wedding and honeymoon photos to edit through and I shall hopefully start uploading them this week.

I seem to remember promising to provide lots of details about our honeymoon. Well, I will. In time. It turns out that we didn’t have regular access to an internet connection while we were away and we were far too busy enjoying ourselves to be accessing it anyway. Once the photos are sorted out I intend to retroactively post about everywhere that we visited. That means that some posts are going to be inserted out of order. This may turn out to be a little confusing but I’ll try to do a little synopsis once it’s all done.

The last few weeks have been taken up with revising for interviews, and then actually having some interviews. I’ve had four in total and they’ve all been for internal posts. Two were for our Global Services, one position was for a software tester and then the last interview was for my current job. I’d obviously prefer to keep my current job but I have to say that the Global Services positions looked very interesting. We’ll have to see. I won’t find out how they went until later this week, maybe next, but I’ll post on here to let everyone if I will continue to be employed.

I’m fairly confident that I won’t be jobless,  but you never know do you?

That’s all for now. It’s early and I need more coffee!

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