Still a bit broken

I’ve been faffing about with the templates here for a few days and I’ve nearly got it sorted out.

The thing is, I really shouldn’t have started messing with the templates in the first place. I thought I’d try out some of the other default styles from within Movable Types rather excellent style switcher – StyleCatcher. Unfortunately, my old version 3 templates didn’t particularly like the new templating system and when I tried to go back to my old style it’s had disappeared from the list.

Having subsequently tried copying things around from my server and failing miserably to get it working properly, I decided to just pack the old style in and start afresh. This caused me even more issues when I started to “refresh” the templates from within Movable Type’s dashboard. I managed to break my archives by not really knowing what the hell I was doing. Let’s face it, instructions are for the weak and it just makes it more interesting if you blunder around like a clueless pillock.

I eventually figured that out (I had to set the archiving back up from scratch) and have stuck with this default minimalist design for the time being.

Some things aren’t working yet. At the moment some of my widgets aren’t showing, so you can’t see the category list or the monthly archives. I’m sure that there’s a fix for this in pipeline as I finally had to resort to reading the Movable Type support forums where I learned that there was a bug regarding the widgets not showing properly.

No doubt I’ll be making some more changes shortly that will break it even more. I like a challenge.

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