Spring is in the air

Spring time

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I love this time of year. Well, apart from the constant rain showers, hail and cold winds that is.

It’s been absolutely gorgeous today. Glorious weather out, and not too bad temperature-wise either. So, with spring in the air I thought I’d take my new camera out for stroll down to the Beeston Waterfront to take some pictures of things.

It’s a bit scruffy down there and I think most of the vegetation is yet to realise that Spring is upon us, but thankfully a few homeowners had one or two blossoming plants that I could take pictures of, including this one. My Kodak Z740 has a “flowers” option even, for occasions when you want to take close-ups of plants in bright light. I used this function and the results seem pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

It’s impressive that the camera was able to use a fast-enough shutter-speed to keep these shots from blurring, because there was a stiffish breeze causing the buds to bounce about all over the place.

There are a few other pictures just uploaded too if you want to click through.

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