Musical Notes

Southwell Minster

Rather than sitting on my boney arse all night and watching the telly, I prefer to spend my evenings doing something more interesting instead (WDY?). Last night I was more than happy to help out our sister band Nottingham City Transport at a concert in Southwell Minster.

The Minster is a magnificent Cathedral in the picturesque Nottinghamshire countryside town of Southwell. I’d never been there myself before, and even though it’s not to the same scale as some of it’s more famous fellow Minsters, it’s still very impressive.

The concert itself was a Christmassy affair (as you’d expect at this time of year I suppose) in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief and sharing the stage with us were two choirs, Carlton Male Voice Choir and the delightful Lace City Singers. The latter choir were a large collection of women, from the age of 14 to 70-odd apparently, and they were one of the best choirs I’d ever heard. They’re a “Barbershop Chorus” by definition and both their sets were musically excellent and also mesmerising to watch, and not just because they’re women – they were excellent!

The concert went very well in all, but dragged on a bit longer than expected – not necessarily a good thing when it was bloody freezing in there. I’m such a big girl’s blouse, just as well I was wearing a vest.

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