So, how the hell did Germany win that?

There’s been only one good team on the pitch during tonight’s semi-final and it certainly wasn’t Germany. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a crappy performance by a team somehow going on to win the game.

Turkey are immensely unlucky not to be in the final. They’ve put in a performance of huge heart, clever skill and close teamwork and they’ve been outdone by two moments of class and one goalkeeper howler. If the result came down to desire then it should be Turkey facing either Spain or Russia in the final and not this poor German team.

Germany were awful. They didn’t have a clue in the first half and didn’t seem to know how to defend against a determined Turkish team. Lehmann was looked uncertain all game and the German back four played like they’d just met each other. Rubbish, rubbish play by Germany and yet they somehow managed to go into half time level due to some rare good work by Podolski setting up Schweinsteiger.

Even in the second half Turkey had the better run of play but a mistake by Rustu gave Germany the lead, only for Turkey to brilliantly equalise with minutes to go. Germany didn’t deserve the winner but tired Turkish legs let in Lahm who stuck the ball past Rustu to claim an unlikely win.

England would have lost 3-0 – I have now idea how Germany did it.

Roll on the final. I’m looking forward to either Russia or Spain destroying Germany in the final, but somehow you just know that the Germans might just pull it off.

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