So. How does this work?

So. How does this work?

So. How does this work?, originally uploaded by rutty.


Ruby’s crawling is improving. She’s still slow but can now get to pretty much anywhere in the lounge. She’s fascinated with all the stuff in our TV cabinet and she keeps heading towards our Sky box, sticky fingers to the fore.

Our relaxing in front of the TV days are numbered, as least while Ruby is up.

Earlier in the day I headed off down to the nursery to pick Ruby up. It’s only her second week but she seems to be really enjoying herself. The girls down there tell me that she’s been really good, has eaten well and likes to pull hair. I’m so glad I have my hair cut short!

When I got there this afternoon she was oblivious to my existence for a few seconds but when she did see me all she wanted to do was have a cuddle with Daddy. She was hugely happy to see me and had a big smile on her face when I picked her up. I could have cried right there! I’ve not had so much enthusiasm for my arrival since our dog died when I was a teenager.

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