Snowy Armley

Snowy Armley, originally uploaded by rutty.


This weekend saw us heading up to Leeds to visit my Mum and Stepdad. The Weather Gods decided to greet our northwards trek with a sprinkling of snow, making the drive up the M1 slightly more exciting then we wanted.

Some pillock in Honda Civic somehow managed to powerslide down the outside lane causing the rest of us to slam on the brakes.

I am now aware that my ABS works a treat. I’d kept well back and stopped in plenty of time. He (or she) managed to miss everyone and everything too. I think most other drivers were taking it steady and nothing was damaged.

We got to Leeds in good time and have had a lovely day, although Ruby has a bit of a vomiting bug and feeling somewhat under the weather (just like the weather, really)

This is my Mum’s garden. Not really the sort of day for sitting on the decking sipping Margheritas.

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