Snowing again!

Fuck me it's still coldOnce again the white stuff is falling in Toronto. The view to the left is from my sister’s porch about half an hour ago – a quite decent snow fall, though according to the locals a mild one. It usually gets much worse than this come January!

I like the snow. We don’t get much of it back in the UK so it’s good to get some while I’m here, but if it continues into the weekend I could be buggered good and proper. I fly back on Saturday afternoon and I could really do without a delay on my flight. I have a bus to catch when I return and it could be a bit of a bummer if I have to try and get a later one.

Hopefully, if the weather isn’t too cold, we’ll be able to take my eldest niece outside and make a snowman. So far there’s been too much ice around and it’s been far too cold to take her out to make one. I’ve not made a snowman in years, so that should be a lot of fun.

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