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Just upgraded Movable Type to version 3.11. There were apparently plenty of issues with my previous version (3.01D) and this is the latest.

I’ve been impressed with the newer versions so far, especially the updated MT-Blacklist plugin that has been made even more usable. It fits seemlessly into the MT backend these days and is very configurable. Excellent work by Jay Allen to get this most-essential plug-in as good as it is.

In other Geek news, I’ve been playing around with Linux a bit more. I’ve got Slackware 10.0 installed, but I’m finding it difficult to configure – it’s not really designed for those of us that aren’t software-enabled. It does look good though, so I shall be persevering.

I still prefer Mandrake as a day-to-day usage OS though – it’s really easy to use and install, and I’m probably going to use that as my main OS for the time being.

I’m definately considering buying a bigger hard disk, and if I do then I’ll probably be installing Sun Java Desktop too. I’d like to give that one a go, plus play around with Slackware rather than mess up an already well-proportioned Linux Distro. I’ve broken a few applications in Mandrake because I’ve been fiddling with installing different programs – a malaise also known as “RPM Hell”. I really should read up on this shit a bit more.

Anway, back to the beer and footy.

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