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Babies can be tricky little buggers at times, and ours is no exception, but one thing that we’re very thankful for is Ruby’s ability to sleep. She generally sleeps for 12 or 13 hours at night and another two hours at lunchtime.

We’ve put this down to a couple of things. Mainly, I think, her genetic disposition for liking her bed. She gets this from me. I love my sleep and am pleased that Ruby allows me to get mine too (most of the time…)

We’ve also trained her to do this in a Gina Ford-esq fashion. From the off we’ve put her in her own room (contrary to NHS guidelines admittedly) and encouraged her to sleep at the right times. We’ve allowed her to cry for short periods when we’ve put her down, although she didn’t really cry very much at all anyway.

These days we put her to bed, she chats to herself for a bit and goes to sleep without any fuss. She’s happy and we’re happy.

This was taken when I went in to get her up after her midday sleep. She was still snoring away with her thumb in her mouth even when I opened the curtains. Bless.

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