Shut up you fools

It seems that the Football Association have, for once, made a half-decent decision. They want to restrict footballers abusing the referee by allowing only the side captain to speak to the official.

The Football Association plans to step up its campaign against bad behaviour by launching a pilot scheme that allows only captains to talk to referees.

FA chief executive Brian Barwick says it will be introduced at grass-roots level and is part of a wider programme aimed at improving standards.

“It’s not going to change the world but I am determined to make an impact – and I’ll do it,” Barwick told Radio 5live.

I know that the refs get an awful lot of stick from footballers, fans and the like but I really like this idea. The players should learn a little bit of discipline on the field. OK, so you might not like a decision but no matter how much these overpaid ponces complain they shouldn’t be able to influence the referee. At least this way the flow of the game won’t be spoiled by dummies being spat onto the pitch.

You can see the improvement in game discipline if you watch a game of Rugby. There are no arguments, no fuss or tantrums. Anyone talking back to the ref accrues a penalty and it all works beautifully. Footballers should reserve their passion for their play and not showing everyone how much of a spoiled brat that they are.

This does need to be tied in with other improvements though. You shouldn’t be just given a yellow card if you break this new rule – most games would finish with five a side! They should implement sin-bins for repeat offenders and move the ball closer to goal ten yards for small indiscretions. In fact, yellow cards should mean ten minutes in the sin-bin anyway.

I’m sure that the FA have heard all these proposals before and I’m certainly not the first person to mention them, but I do hope that something is done to curb the over-enthusiasm of professional footballers to confront referees.

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