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Shaun of the Dead. Knitted.

Shaun of the DeadOne of my very favourite films last year was the hilariously funny Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg is one of the funniest comedy writers around and he created a whole new genre of movie when he wrote that film – the Romzom, or even Rom-zom-com.

Thankfully many other people have found it to be as entertaining as I did. Some people have taken their love of the film that extra bit further, and one of these has spent no end of time creating a bunch of knitted dollies based on the characters in the film. They’re excellent, and scarily accurate too. I never knew knitting could be so much fun, not that I’d try it myself of course.

I’m now eagerly awaiting their versions of One Night In Paris.

Found this link via Boing Boing, who found it themselves from Widgett.

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