Shakin’ all over

Well, this is all over the UK news at the moment but we had the biggest earthquake for 25 years last night. We were woken up just before 1am by our apartment block shaking.

As earthquakes go it was a rather mild 5.2 on the Richter scale but the epicentre wasn’t too far away in Lincolnshire and it made quite a big impression. Everything tends to be pretty average over here and this was no different – no deaths reported and hardly any damage to anything, although some chimney pots fell off and some poor bloke in Barnsley was injured by some falling masonry.

Of course, this does give me the chance to mention a proper earthquake I experienced back in 1998. This wasn’t in the UK though – I was serving with the RAF in Turkey at RAF Incirlik near Adana and we had a “moderate” earthquake of around 6.2 on the Richter scale. That’s ten times the power of the one last night.

A moderate earthquake (Ms = 6.2) occurred in the Cukurova region in the southern part of Turkey, on 27 June 1998. It resulted in loss of 145 lives and significant damage particularly in the settlements close to the epicenter at the south of Ceyhan town.

If you thought that last nights earthquake was scary you should have been in that one, and even that pales into insignificance compared to others in fairly recent history that have been ten times the power again and claimed thousands of lives.

Mother Nature is a powerful thing, although not so much in the UK it would seem

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