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Serious – Day 12

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I’m having a lot of fun with photography at the moment. I must have taken over 1,000 photos with my Canon EOS 400D over Christmas and New Year, much to the annoyance of all around me, and I’m loving it.

I’ve got loads to learn. I know some basics and I think I have a decent eye for a photo. What I need to learn are the techniques I need to create the images I want and the inspiration and encouragement from other people with the same interest.

This is why Flickr is so great. There are groups aplenty with which to share your lovingly-created images and no end of people willing to comment on them. It takes some effort to create and maintain relationships with these internet people, but like with people you actually know it’s all worth it.

I’m finding it a lot of fun uploading photos to my gallery there and sending them around a number of relevant groups for others to see. One of these groups, 365 Days has been a real inspiration to my photography with my new camera. You have to take one Self Portrait every day for a year and I figured that this would be a good way to try out all sorts of different methods.

I’m 12 days in and not all of my photos have been that great, but I have had a few encouraging comments. I’ve left plenty of comments of my own too, because some of these people are really good. I’ve been most impressed with the image I took today, the one shown here. I was really pleased with the black and white conversion job I did using the GIMP.

I think I’ll be struggling with ideas and motivation before too long, but I’m enjoying this group so far, and loving using my new camera.

I’ll get there eventually

  1. You’ve got a weird problem with your lens there, keeps making a mark on the pics and strangely always round the chin area ;¬P

    I keep forgetting to take me camera with me.

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