Searching for…..

Every so often it’s fun to look in my site stats and see what search terms various people have put into Search Engines and found their way here. There’s always some that are very funny, and some that are very worrying. Here’s a sample for this month:

werewolf pics
penis-shaped cactus (I actually do have pics of this)
yvette fielding naked (they’ll have left disappointed)
honk the musical homepage
pics of kids playing (slightly worrying)
engine bruces paranormal deathmatch
makes me very lonely at night (poor thing)
my asshole husband works nights (so what?)
what the fuck are you doing? (I have no idea, I should think that’s obvious)
shagged up the arse (whatever rocks your boat mate)

At least all the Peter Andre freaks have stopped coming here, well, until Google spiders this entry, then no doubt it’ll appear on page 1032 for searches on that particular rubbish pop “star”.

I’m rambling. Must stop typing….

  1. Did you know that typing
    ‘david rutt the complete and utter fucking wanker’
    into google gets a googlewhack ?

  2. You’re right, and it’s not mine. I hope that guy looks in his stats this month 😉

    PS, Steve – for a vegan you’re a vicious twat ;¬p

  3. I have just skimmed through the other guys site, and it looks like Google was fairly accurate actually.

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