Samuel “Jerry” Firman for Congress

OK, so I’m not American, nor do I live in Ohio. However, I am interested in a current political campaign in the 18th district of that State.

Why? Well, a friend from excellent News community site Newsvine is aiming to become the Republican representative. Jerry Firman, aka oldfogey, has decided that he wants to represent the people of Ohio in Congress and I wholeheartedly support him

Why? Well, it’s obvious from his writings on Newsvine that he’s only interested in doing the best he can for his local area. He’s not in it for power or money, he just wants to help his fellow Americans the best way he can. He’s not going to be slinging mud at his eight opponents, he’s running a positive campaign based on his own good nature and political  beliefs.

I hope he makes it, although the odds are against him. There are some “proper” politicians in the mix too, with money behind them. Still, I believe that this good man can do something positive in politics, so people of Ohio 18th district listen in: on September 14th vote for Samuel “Jerry” Firman.

You can check out his Yahoo group for more information too.

This ends the public service broadcast for oldfogey.

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