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Salmon a la Rutty

Salmon a la Rutty

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This is my tea from this evening. I made this myself! I decided to “treat” my remaining two housemates to some lovely home cooking from their resident Yorkshireman.

Naturally, I picked that traditional Yorkshire dish – salmon, seeing as it’s the dinner of choice after a hard day down t’pit.

It mostly came from Tesco’s. The salmon was fresh from the fishmonger and came ready marinated with herbs and garlic. The beans are a mix of pinto beans, chick peas, red kidney beans and haricot beans that I’ve added some chopped tomatoes to. Easy to cook. The potatoes are from a packet, ready prepared with some mustard dressing and rocket salad.

I steamed the salmon in my lovely steamer. Insert water, put food in, turn on. Lovely!

I arranged it all nicely, as above, and consumed with a nice bottle of red wine. Delicious! The salmon was gorgeous. I’m so impressed with the fishmonger in Tesco – both times that I’ve used them I’ve had the most lovely salmon. I’m tempted to be slightly more adventurous next time – maybe red snapper or something. Good value from there too.

Anway, it appears that I can indeed cook when I put the effort it, even if this was spectacularly easy to make.

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