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Sad Davey

Sad Davey – Day 11

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Christmas is over and I’m back at work today. That isn’t the saddening thing for me, but the fact that I’ve had to leave my girlfriend to travel back to Nottingham is.

It’s been great seeing her over the festive season and a bit of a wrench to come back here.

The good news is that I’ll see her in 3 days!

In other news, the results are in for Porkathon 2006. I did quite well actually, gaining an impressive 8.8 pounds for charity! I’m a little behind the current lardy leader though, as one porker has somehow managed to gain 15 pounds over the festive season. Fifteen pounds! That’s over a whole stone in two weeks.

I reckon it was the booze that gave me the weight gain this Christmas. That and an unending quantity of pre-packaged Christmas fare plus some rather nice meals. I’ve eaten very well and got the distended stomach to prove it.

Still, it was for a good cause but now it’s time to start eating more vegetables and get some exercise. Tomorrow. Maybe.

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