Rush – Power Windows

I’ve been sorting out some of my old CDs and have come across this old gem of an album. Released in 1985, this was my first, and most beloved, Rush album. 2112 is possibly a better album, but this one has more in it for me.

It’s a very polished album, lovely production and occasionally more keyboard-led than other Rush releases, but all eight tracks are just fantastic. There’s so much superior musicianship and wonderful songwriting going on here it’s simply astounding.

I’ve seen Rush live. Neil Peart is easily the finest drummer to have played in a rock band. I’ve seen Geddy Lee playing bass (with his feet) and keyboards while singing all at the same time – he’s just incredible! Alex Lifeson is the one making the guitar noises and he’s not too shabby either.

This trio are astounding – if you get to see them on their upcoming UK tour you will not be disappointed.

By rutty

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