Run run run.

I’ve been for my second run tonight. After my first attempt last week I was a little reluctant to just re-run the same route, especially considering the hill that almost killed me and the fact that there’s a particularly dodgy road with no pavement that might prove a little dangerous.

So, I got the A-Z out and figured out a different path – one that won’t end up with me dead. I eventually took a route that lead me down this private road in Beeston, called Beeston Fields Lane. This is one of those roads where all the houses are huge, each have been built to order and they’ve all got big gates on the outside to keep out the rif-raf. Dead posh it is, and I suppose they’d have had a little chuckle at seeing my trudge past all red-faced sweaty.

It was a much better route either way. It was still three miles but not as hilly and I got to run on pathways the whole way. I finished it in about 27 minutes and I’m hoping to get that down to 25 within a couple of months. We’ll see. That will require me running a little more frequently than I am at the moment.

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