Ruby’s hand, originally uploaded by rutty.

We visited a good friend of mine last year and his youngest son had just had a little baby girl. She was gorgeous, and had the rather lovely name Ruby.

We’d been trying for a baby for a few months at this point and decided on names. Ruby was our choice for a girl too. They’d even chosen the same middle name: Elizabeth.

I took some photos of the possible name-a-like and this was probably the best. It’s a bit on the clichéd side but I still like it.

There’s a photo competition at work which requires photos based around the theme “newness and excitement” and I don’t think there’s anything more new and exciting than a newborn baby. I’ve entered this shot.

I’ll have my own baby to take photos of come September! Looking forward to that. The baby, I mean, rather than the photo opportunities.

By rutty

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