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Ruby & Me

Ruby & Me, originally uploaded by rutty.


We went for a walk in Attenborough Nature Reserve today. It’s only just down the road and it’s a lovely walk around there.

Well, it is a lovely walk if it’s not raining or blowing a gale. We didn’t have the former but we did have a stiff breeze for most of the walk. I almost ended up in the gravel pits a couple of times.

Ruby was attached to my back in one of those frame carrier things. We’ve borrowed one from our visiting friends and it’s really useful, although as Ruby is quite a big girl (over two stones in weight now!) my shoulders were aching like buggery afterwards.

  1. Dave ? Do you have a baby ? Why didn’t you mention it before ?

    But wow two stone already ? Our boy was 4st when he went to secondary school at 11 ( he inherited my skinny gene which has since deserted me!)

    Hope you and your women are well , best from me and my men

  2. Yeah, she’s a bit hefty to be carrying her around on your back for long 😉

    We’re all very well here thanks. Bought our own house just before Christmas and loving our life up here in Beeston. Just need a few more hours in the day for us – too many other things going on!

    Hope all the Franks are well down there too 🙂

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