General Chunterings

Ruby Elizabeth

Jo and I spent a little more time down at the Queen’s Medical Centre this morning having a rescan, after Wednesday’s aborted attempt.

This time Baby Rutt was much more co-operative and we managed to finish the scan. There was a little bit of jiggling about to get baby in the correct position to see the heart and kidneys but when everything was checked no problems were found.

This doesn’t mean that our baby is going to be defect-free, of course, but it is a relief that there’s nothing obviously wrong with our child and that there’s a good chance that she’ll be OK.

She, yes. We also had the sex checked out and there were some white dots that we were told were our daughter’s lady bits. Our daughter! Bloody hell, I’m still getting used to these words while it sinks in that we’re going to be having a girl!

Ruby Elizabeth Rutt

She’s going to be called Ruby Elizabeth Rutt and she’ll arrive (hopefully) around the middle of September. A daughter! Us! Heck, me a dad!

So many happy thoughts today and a bit of realisation that we’re going to be parents. Happy days!

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