Ruby, originally uploaded by rutty.


Ruby will be five months old next week (!!) and she’s growing fast. We try and weigh her every four weeks or so and today was baby clinic day, so we headed down there to assess her chubbiness.

In four weeks she has gained a healthy 2lbs 1oz and is now creating back pain for both of us with her hefty 15lbs 14oz (7.22kg) weight. She also grew another 2cms and most of her 3-6 month clothes are starting to creak at the seams.

Most of the increased weight gain is probably down to the recent introduction of formula milk but she’s always been a healthy eater and was quite large when she was born. She’s continuing to eat and sleep really well and looking more and more beautiful every day.

I’ve had some lovely moments with her today, making her laugh by making funny noises and generally arsing around with her.

It’s my girl!

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